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DMBC-1000CNC, 1500CNC, 2200CNC
  •  Feature 
    • ▶ DMBC-1000CNC / 1500CNC is a deep hole drilling machine by way of transferring the Column on the X-axis designed to accomplish the functions of Gun drilling and BTA drilling simultaneously. This model is able to drill various kinds of deep holes regardless of weights and figures of the structures on the fixed work table. Moreover, if you set up an Angle Plate as an option, you can obtain the higher productivity on drilling deep holes of large tube sheet used for heat exchangers and refinery facilities. We assure that this model can supply you with the best conditions on drilling deep holes of high pecision machinery and facilities of heavy indeustry. Such as the parts of aircraft, automobiles, molds, hydraulic systems, construction equipments, refinery facilities, and various types of industrial machinery.
  •    Spec.   
    • Spec. Unit DMBC-1000CNC DMBC-1500CNC DBMC-2200CNC
      Hole Dia. BTA drill mm ¢16 ~ ¢80 (Max. ¢120)
      Gundrill mm ¢6~ ¢32
      Max. depth mm 1,000 1,500 2,200
      Travel Spindle horizontal (X) mm 1000 ~ 6,000
      Spindle vertical (Y) mm 1000 ~ 3,000
      Spindle cross (Z) mm 1,000 1,500 2,200
      Power Main spindle motor kw 30/37
      Travel motor (AC servo motor) (x) Nm 40
      Travel motor (AC servo motor) (Y) Nm 30B
      Feed motor (AC servo motor) (Z) Nm 30
      High pressure
      pump motor
      BTA Kw 30 X 4P
      Gun drill 11 X 6P
      Speed Feeding speed mm/min 0 ~ 1,000
      Rapid feed X mm/min 4,000
      Y 4,000
      Z 5,000
      Work Table Max. load kg 100,000
      Area mm Max. 7,000 X 2,500
      Coolant Unit Tank capactiy L 4,000
      High pressure pump BTA kg/cm² 50
      Gun drill 100
      Discharge Q'ty of pump L/min 250
      Installation Area mm Max. 14,000 X 9,000
      Net Weight kg -
      Total Power kw Approx.110
      CNC System   FANUC SYSTEM or Others
    • Note
      1. The function of Gun drilling is at your option.
      2. Above Machine Specitication can be changeable according to client's demands.
  •    Video   
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